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Organic Green Coffee: Brazil Iapar

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Green coffee organic demeter, Brazil Red Iapar

Rohkaffee Brasilien Bio
  • Demeter (organic) certified
  • Fair trade and sustainable production
  • Arabica, variety Red Iapar
  • Fazenda Camocim
  • Cupping score: 93.60
  • Selectively hand-picked
  • Semi-washed processing
  • Crop 2020


Very soft, pronounced body and little acidity. Aromas of cinnamon, honey and walnut, taste notes of almonds and nougat.

  • Aromas: cinnamon, honey and walnut
  • Taste: Dark chocolate, almond
  • Aftertaste: Nougat
  • Sweetness: Pronounced
  • Acidity: low
  • Body: Round


Kaffee Brasilien selber rösten

Brazil Red Iapar can be drunk pure (Single Origin) or as a base for blends.

Due to its balance, it is perfect for espresso, café crème or cappuccino. Very pleasant and full-bodied also as French Press and in the Bialetti Espresso Maker - each with notes of nut and chocolate.


The Camocim farm, located at an altitude of 1200 metres, is the pioneer in organic coffee cultivation in the Espirito Santo region of Brazil.

We met Henrique Sloper, the owner of the farm, at the World of Coffee in Berlin and were immediately delighted with his coffee. He is former president of the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA), took over the farm from his grandfather and has been growing organic coffee there since 1999. Camocim is certified organic and biodynamic (Demeter).

Biodynamic agriculture, recognisable by the Demeter seal, goes beyond organic farming. It follows the principles of anthroposophy according to Rudolf Steiner. The plants are treated with herbs and homeopathic remedies instead of chemical products. The result is healthier, more robust plants and food, which are more nutritious and full of vital energy compared to conventional products.

The harvest is also selectively done by hand. Only optimally ripened coffee cherries are picked. This means that harvesting is necessary up to four times a year during the harvest period between May and September. Green cherries remain on the coffee tree until they are fully ripe. 

They are marketed exclusively at fair prices via direct trade to buyers certified organic and Demeter.

Roasting Recommendation for organic Brazil Red Iapar

We recommend a medium to dark (full city) roast to emphasize the nutty-chocolatey notes.

You can find roasting profiles for this bean in the knowledge section: for Gene Café, for Hottop Manual, for Hottop with Artisan.


The green coffee is delivered in a transparent and resealable 1kg or 5kg Ecotact freshness bag.

Demeter certified. Flavour of milk chocolate and roasted nuts more
Product information "Organic Green Coffee: Brazil Iapar"

Demeter certified. Flavour of milk chocolate and roasted nuts

Certification: Demeter, Direct Trade, Organic
Sales description: Coffee (green coffee, unroasted)
Content: 100% coffee
storage: Store in a cool, dry place
miscellaneous: Contains caffeine by nature, Green coffee is intended exclusively for further processing by roasting.
Coffee species: arabica
Origin: Brazil
Preparation: semi-washed
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