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Why roasting coffee by yourself? Four good reasons.

Roasting coffee by yourself is quite a job. Nice work, but work. "Why should I do this to myself if I can buy coffee at every corner," you might ask yourself. There are a handful of good reasons for this.

1. Fresh coffee tastes irresistibly good!

Have you ever asked your favourite Barista why her coffee tastes so much better than all the other places? Do it sometime. Pretty sure she got her coffee from a roasting company that uses selected beans and delivers them fresh.

Coffee has almost twice as many flavours as wine. These are accentuated by the essential oils. Unfortunately, these oils evaporate quickly and the coffee becomes flat and boring. About a week to 10 days after roasting, the flavour is most pronounced. Therefore, it is best to buy your coffee from a roasting company that tells you when the coffee was roasted. Or better yet, you'll roast him yourself.

The raw beans can be stored for many months.

2. "Good coffee" is a matter of taste!

You drink coffee only with milk - or on principle only pure? You prefer to drink coffee with a fruity acidity - or you don't like it at all?

As diverse as coffees are, so different is your own taste and the more you deal with it, the more you want to try: Coffees from Central America, Kenya or Ethiopia. Coffee from the highlands or coffee grown in the wild. Catuai, Bourbon, Sidamo and many other varieties. Clear washed coffee or sweet dried coffee. And with the way you roast it, every coffee tastes different.

As with wine, you can stock up on a small stock of green coffees and roast exactly the coffee you want.

3. Roasting coffee yourself saves money!

Yeah, sure. You can save money. And you can also sell the coffee and earn some extra money. But let's be honest: You only need the argument "saving" to explain your new hobby to your partner. Actually, we're all about point four:

4. Roasting coffee is simply fun!

Watch the small, hard, green beans change; how they turn yellower, cinnamonier, browner and blacker; how they grow bigger and crack open. This is just fun.

But above all the excitement after roasting: Did it work? Does the coffee taste good? Is the crema beautiful? What can I do better next time?

Roasting and drinking coffee together with friends and people who share this passion is even more fun. Therefore, we hope that the home roasting community will soon grow and that we will exchange ideas together on a regular basis. If we can do something for you and if you are missing something, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Raw coffee beans for home roasting
Rohkaffee Indonesien Sumatra Lintong Indonesia Sumatra Lintong
Content 1 kg
€17.90 *
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Rohkaffee aus Mexico Mexico Chiapas SHG
Content 1 kg
€16.90 * €19.90 *
previously €19.90*
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Bio Monsooned Malabar Rohkaffee Organic & Fair: India, Monsooned Malabar AA
Content 0.8 kg (€19.88 * / 1 kg)
€15.90 *
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Rohkaffee Bio Entkoffeiniert Organic & Fair: Mexico Decaf MWP
Content 1 kg
€22.90 *
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24% saved
Rohkaffee Guatemala anaerobic Direct: Guatemala, anaerobic honey
Content 1 kg
€24.90 * €32.90 *
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Green Coffee from Kenia Kenia, washed SL-28
Content 1 kg
€21.90 *
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Rohkaffee Brasilien Santos Brazil, Catuai & Bourbon Santos
Content 1 kg
€13.90 *
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Bio Rohkaffee Yirgacheffe aus Äthiopien Organic & Direct: Ethiopia, natural Yirgacheffe
Content 1 kg
€24.90 *
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Bio Robusta Rohkaffee Tansania Organic & Fair: Tanzania Robusta
Content 1 kg
€11.90 *
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Rohkaffee Monsooned Malabar aus Indien India, Monsooned Malabar
Content 4 kg (€12.73 * / 1 kg)
€50.90 * €59.90 *
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Green Coffee Robusta India Parchment India, Robusta Kaapi Royale
Content 1 kg
€10.90 *
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