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Tagblatt der Stadt Zürich

Coffee that tastes of raspberries

Author and image: Ginger Hebel / This article was published in the Tagblatt der Stadt Zürich on July 19, 2017

Translated from German.

Ingo Albrecht's heart beats for specialty coffee. Together with his wife Nina, he founded a platform where everything revolves around roasting coffee at home. ingo-albrecht-roast-rebels

For Ingo Albrecht and his wife Nina, coffee is not only a luxury but also an attitude to life. On their travels around the world they visited the most beautiful cafés. In San Francisco, Melbourne and Tokyo, they first came into contact with specialty coffees that tasted of raspberries, chocolate and tropical fruits. "Back in Zurich we were looking for coffee of this quality, but we had to go far," says Ingo Albrecht.

Flowery coffee

The 40-year-old had had enough of the industrial coffee pap and found himself experimenting on. After initial experiments in the frying pan, he roasts the raw green coffee beans in special roasting machines. "Everyone can roast their own coffee at home, light or dark, as they like it."

Later he trained as a roasting master and founded the Roast Rebels platform together with his wife. Here, interested parties can find tips for perfect coffee preparation, home roasters and green coffee can also be ordered online or bought in the KaffeeWerkStadt shop at Bremgartnerstrasse 66 in Wiedikon. "The variety, the soil, the climate, everything influences the taste of the coffee," says Ingo Albrecht. Coffee beans, for example, which are dried in the fruit mantle after harvesting, acquire a fruity-sweet taste.

Indonesian coffee has a surprising spicy aroma and Brazilian coffee tends to taste nutty-chocolatey, which is why these coffees are particularly suitable for espresso. Exotic varieties such as Sidamo from Ethiopia have subtle floral notes and are therefore perfect for filter coffee or cold brews. "Cold-brewed coffees are becoming increasingly popular," notes Albrecht. He prefers to drink his coffee pure and without milk, because that is when the flavours develop best. "This way I can get all involved with the aromas."

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