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coffee roasting degrees

What coffee roast levels are there?

Light, medium, dark. Each roaster gives his coffee product names to structure his assortment. But what a dark roast is for one is a light roast for the other - you still do not know exactly what you are drinking. Therefore, there are a few names that are common among roasters and describe the roast pretty well. You should know them, so we present them here.

In fact, the degrees of roasting differ in brightness. The shorter the beans have been roasted, the brighter they are. For light roasts, the acid is pronounced in the coffee. In the middle that roast the acid is still clearly recognizable, the taste is balanced and the body of the coffee increases. Darker roasts emphasize more strongly the body of the coffee; the acids decrease, but so does the variety of tastes. In contrast, the dark-sweet roasted notes become stronger with dark coffee. Lighter roasts actually have more caffeine than darker ones. But you usually take darker ones for espresso and co. Therefore, you drink them much more concentrated than a light roast, which you tend to add to the filter. An espresso is therefore comparable in caffeine content with a cup of filter coffee.

From light to dark the coffee goes through the following degrees of roast:

Light Cinnamon

Which forms before the first crack


Bright colour that sets with the first crack

New England

At the height of the first crack


A medium brown, which you reach at the end of the first crack

City / City+

You reach between the first and the second crack

Full City / Full City+

Is a darker brown, which you reach directly before the second crack

Vienna Roast

You get with the second crack. Small oil droplets form on the bean

French Roast

Is already very dark and the surface shines, the second cracking is coming to an end

Italian Roast

Is even darker and the beans shine strong

Spanish Roast

(Or Neapolitan) is the darkest roast you can drink, the beans are almost black and dull


You can use it to for your barbeque ;-) A serious hint: take care that the beans do not catch fire in the roaster! You always have to be with the roaster while you are roasting.


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