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Gene Kühler für Kaffeebohnen
Gene Cafe Bean Cooler CBC-101
Cooler for quick cooling of home-roasted coffee beans. High quality finish for fast and even cooling of the coffee. Advantages: Fast and even cooling of the roasted coffee. Up to 400g capacity Easy to operate Quiet Coffee chaffs are...
Content 1 Piece
€129.00 *
Behmor Brazen Coffee brewer
Behmor Brazen Plus 3.0 Customizable Coffee Brewer
The Brazen Plus brew system has features not found on any other consumer coffee maker. Settings are adjustable for water brewing temperature and pre-soak like found on many commercial brewers. Set your brewing temperature between 90°C...
Content 1 Piece
€199.00 *
Behmor Flat Bottom Papierfilter
Paper filter
These paper filters are specifically designed for the Behmor Brazen coffee machine. There are 100 pieces of high quality flat-bottom paper filters.
Content 100 Piece (€0.15 * / 1 Piece)
€14.90 *
Behmor Filter Halter
Grounds Basket
Replacement Grounds Basket for the Behmor Brazen Coffee Maker
Content 1 Piece
€14.90 *
Behmor Gold Filter
Gold Filter
High quality gold filter for the Behmor Brazen coffee machine
Content 1 Piece
€19.90 *
Behmor Kaffeekanne
Carafe with lid
Replacement carafe for the Behmor Brazen coffee maker
Content 1 Piece
€49.95 *
Behmor afterburner
Behmor afterburner
Behmor afterburner replacement for roaster
Content 1 Piece
€19.95 *
Behmor roaster cover left
Behmor roaster cover left
Replacement cover for the Behmor roaster. Left side, matt black
Content 1 Piece
€24.95 *
Behmor Seite Rechts mit Ventilator
Behmor roaster cover right
Replacement cover for the Behmor roaster. Right side incl. fan, matt black
Content 1 Piece
€29.95 *
Behmor front door
Replacement door
Behmor Replacement Door for Roaster, Black Matt
Content 1 Piece
€29.95 *
Kaffeebeutel für Heimröster
Coffee bag eco (brown) with valve and zipper...
You can store your coffee in these bags after roasting. They have a stable base and a valve through which the coffee can degas well in the first days after roasting. Thanks to the zipper closure, you can re-seal the bags easily and...
Content 25 Piece (€1.00 * / 1 Piece)
€24.90 *
Behmor Ersatzbirne
Replacement bulb
Replacement bulb for the Behmor Roaster
Content 1 Piece
€5.95 *
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Roasting coffee yourself - accessories for home roasters

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