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ARAM Espresso Maker

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Wood / Colour

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ARAM Espresso Maker

Zubereitung mit ARAM

ARAM is a manual espresso machine handmade in Brazil. It is currently available in two different woods. Apart from the beautiful design it convinces especially in the quality of the espresso and is therefore a cheap and mobile alternative to the sieve holder.

Because it is light and mobile and only needs hot water, it is an ideal alternative for high-quality espresso on the road - for example in a camper or in the holiday home.

Mode of operation

You can use the ARAM hands-free, for example if you are travelling with light luggage. However, the steel stand that comes with the ARAM is better and more stable.


You grind the ground coffee finely, like an espresso. You can use about 18g of coffee. The ARAM is already delivered with a small funnel and a tamper. If you want smaller shots, you can also use a 7g sieve (53mm diameter) with about 11g of coffee.

At the same time you can preheat the ARAM with 100°C hot water.


Now you remove the hot water from the preheating and close the mechanism by turning the crank all the way down. Insert the filter and turn it until the two symbols sun and moon are at the same level. 

Now fill the ARAM with boiling water. Because it is not heated and absorbs heat, you use boiling water. Then turn the small crank all the way up (38 turns). The water flows to the ground coffee. Now you turn the crank down. At one point you feel the pressure increase. From this point on, you can control the extraction by the pressure with the crank. 


You keep turning until you have the right amount of espresso in the glass.


Attention, there may still be hot water in the ARAM. Therefore you turn the crank up again to about the middle and then turn it down completely (with a second cup so that this is not pressed into your espresso). When all water is out, you can remove the puck. 


And now it's time to enjoy your espresso.


ARAM Erfinder
ARAM Handarbeit

Handmade in Brazil

The ARAM was developed in Brazil by the young barista Aram and is handmade in fair payment by 20 suppliers in the south of Brazil. 

Size ARAM Espresso

Technical details


ARAM® Espresso Maker + steel stand:

  • height: 317mm
  • width: 170mm
  • depth: 220mm
  • weight: 4,06kg

ARAM® Espresso Maker:

  • height: 185mm
  • width: 70mm
  • width with hand crank: 204mm
  • Weight: 920g

Steel stand:

  • height: 165mm
  • width: 170mm
  • depth: 220mm
  • weight: 3,14kg


ARAM Espresso Maker:

  • stainless steel (304)
  • Wood

Steel stand:

  • steel (1020) galvanized with powder coating
ARAM Scope of delivery
ARAM Accessories

Scope of delivery

  • Aram espresso machine 
  • Steel stand
  • Glass
  • Strainer insert 18g (53mm)
  • naked portafilter
  • Mini-Tamper
The ARAM is a high quality and in Brazil fairly produced and handmade espresso machine. It works... more
Product information "ARAM Espresso Maker"

The ARAM is a high quality and in Brazil fairly produced and handmade espresso machine. It works without electricity, needs little space and is easy to transport. Therefore it is ideal for holidays, camping or for the office. The quality of the espresso is at least equal to that of a professional espresso machine.

Scope of delivery: Aram Espresso Maker, steel stand, 1 glass, 1 sieve insert 18g (53mm), 1 mini tamper

Dealer: if you are interested in offering ARAM as a reseller, please contact us.

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