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Organic & direct: Mexico Chiapas SHG

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Green Coffee Organic & Direct Mexico Chiapas SHG

Growing country





Bourbon, Typica, Catimor


fully washed
Prolonged fermentation in water (36h)




Nuevo Paraiso, Chiapas


Rancho Morelia
Jaime & Juan Cardenas Vega


1'700 - 1'900 metres above sea level


Selective hand-picking

Cupping Score

84.5 points


SHG (Strictly high grown)
EP (European Preparation)

Density (ISO): 

755 g/l

Moisture Content: 

9.0 %

Water Activity: 


Caffeine (prepared as SCA Cupping): 

51.65 mg/dl

Harvest year


Bean picture


Chlorogenic acid (prepared as SCA Cupping):

77.53 mg/dl


Balanced coffee with caramel sweetness and medium acidity. Notes of grapefruit, brown sugar and nut.

  • Aroma: Brown sugar, nut.
  • Taste: Caramel, roasted almonds, subtle grapefruit note.
  • Aftertaste: Caramel
  • Sweetness: Medium
  • Fruit acidity: Medium
  • Body: Full-bodied

Preparation methods


Mexico Chiapas SHG can be drunk single-origin or in blends.

Due to its balance, the coffee is perfect in a portafilter (e.g. Café Creme, Cappuccino). Very pleasant and full-bodied also in the Aeropress or as filter coffee.


The coffee comes from the Rancho Morelia farm. It is located in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas, a lush and mountainous region with a long tradition of coffee cultivation. 

The Rancho Morelia farm is a family business: Today, the brothers Jaime and Juan Cardenas jointly run the coffee farm, which was founded by their father 40 years ago. Jaime and Juan are also supported in turn by their sons.

To achieve a high coffee quality, they also go innovative ways: For example, the plantations of Rancho Morelia are cultivated in agroforestry and without agrochemical additives (0 fertilisers, 0 pesticides). In addition, the coffee is processed using the wet milling method: The pulp is removed and the coffee is fermented in water for 36 hours. It is then dried outdoors for up to 2 weeks.

The coffee comes from a plot 1'700 - 1'900 metres above sea level and grows on volcanic soils. Together with the careful processing, this results in a coffee of the highest quality with a balanced taste.

Roasting Recommendation for Mexico Chiapas SHG

With a medium roast (City / City+), you will emphasise the sweet notes of this coffee. If you roast the coffee a little darker (Full City / Full City+), you will emphasise slightly nuttier notes. 

You can find roasting profiles for this bean in the knowledge section: for Gene Café, for Hottop Manual, for Hottop with Artisan and for Aillio Bullet R1 V2.


The green coffee is delivered in a transparent and resealable 1kg or 5kg Ecotact fresh bag or in a 15kg bag-in-box.

Flavour of brown sugar, roasted almonds and grapefruit more

Flavour of brown sugar, roasted almonds and grapefruit

Character: Fruity, Nutty
Acidity: 2: medium
Sweetness: 2: medium
Perfect for: Automatic coffee makers, Mild filter coffee
Coffee species: Arabica
Preparation: washed
Origin: Mexico
Certification: Direct Trade, Organic
Sales description: Coffee (green coffee, unroasted)
Content: 100% coffee
storage: Store in a cool, dry place
miscellaneous: Contains caffeine by nature, Green coffee is intended exclusively for further processing by roasting.
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