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Green Coffee: Colombia, Castillo

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Green coffee Colombia, Castillo, Villa Clemencia

Rohkaffee Kolumbien Castillo
  • Terroir coffee, directly traded, organically grown
  • Arabica, Castillo variety
  • Selectively hand-picked
  • Honey-pulp natural
  • Bean size 15–18
  • 2021 harvest


The coffee is very balanced and captivates with a pronounced sweetness as well as a pleasant refreshing fruit acidity. There are flavours of tropical fruits, apple, blackberry and dark grapes; it has a silky mouthfeel.

  • Flavour: Flower, apple, citrus
  • Taste: Tropical fruit, apple, blackberry
  • Aftertaste: Caramel, toast
  • Sweetness: High
  • Acidity: High
  • Body: Medium

Preparation Methods

Kaffeeröstung Filter

Colombia Castillo is a very fresh and fruity coffee with a pleasant sweetness. We recommend drinking it as single origin or in an espresso blend for some fruitiness and sweetness.

The coffee is perfect as a cappuccino, because in combination with the milk the fruity notes come into their own. Also great as a fresh and invigorating cold brew, filter or in the Aeropress.


Patricia Builes’s family has run the farm La Hacienda Villa Clemencia for more than 45 years and the knowledge of coffee production has been passed down from generation to generation. The estate is located in Risaralda in the west of Colombia at an altitude of 1650 meters above sea level. The soil is volcanic and loamy, and therefore very nutritious.

The entire production has been converted to organic in recent years. As a result, both the yield and the quality of the coffee has increased, and at the same time the ecosystem has recovered. The farm has also created space for endangered species such as the Colombian walnut (Cedro Negro), which affects the farm's water supply and creates an optimal environment for both coffee planting and biodiversity. For the coffee, the family receives more than twice the fair-trade price.

Roasting recommendation for Castillo coffee

The coffee should be roasted from light (city) to medium (full city). The fruity components are most pronounced in these roasts. Directly after first crack the (very pleasant) fruit acid is still clearly emphasized; about halfway between first and second crack the sweetness is very pronounced.

You can find roasting profiles for this bean in the knowledge section: for Gene Café, for Hottop Manual, for Hottop with Artisan and for Aillio Bullet R1 V2.


The green coffee is delivered in a transparent and resealable 1kg or 5kg Ecotact freshness bag.

Product video

Flavour of tropical fruits and blackberry more

Flavour of tropical fruits and blackberry

Character: Floral, Fruity
Acidity: 3: pronounced
Sweetness: 3: pronounced
Perfect for: Fruity filter coffee
Coffee species: Arabica
Preparation: honey
Origin: Colombia
Certification: Direct Trade
Sales description: Coffee (green coffee, unroasted)
Content: 100% coffee
storage: Store in a cool, dry place
miscellaneous: Contains caffeine by nature, Green coffee is intended exclusively for further processing by roasting.
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Customer evaluation for "Green Coffee: Colombia, Castillo"
1 Jun 2022

Spannende fruchtige Säure

Dies sind nach dem brasilianischen Santos und dem peruanischen Cajamarca die dritten Bohnen die ich hier kaufe.
Nachdem ich nun nach 7 400g Batches eine zufriedenstellende Baseline gefunden habe, war ich bereits beim cupping überzeugt von diesem Kaffee, und davon, dass es in die richtige Richtung geht.
Gestern habe ich ihn nach 10 Tagen Entgasen erstmalig als Espresso und als Flat White getrunken, auch hier können die Bohnen überzeugen. Ich freue mich in Zukunft mehr davon zu kaufen und damit noch etwas zu experimentieren.

6 May 2022

Kaffee ist ja bekanntlich...

Kaffee ist ja bekanntlich Geschmackssache. Ich bin mit den Röstergebnissen sehr zufrieden. Auch das Feedback ist stets positiv. Dies kann ich nur an Roast Rebels weitergeben. Alle Rohkaffees, welche ich bisher erhalten haben, waren von top Qualität. Die Ware ist immer sichtbar verpackt und kann sich das auch erlauben. Wenn die Qualität passt, gibt es auch nichts zu verstecken. Volle Empfehlung für diesen toll geführten Shop. Da macht Rösten nur noch Freude. (Quelle: SHOPVOTE)

2 Mar 2022

My favorite for espresso, ...

My favorite for espresso, (Quelle: SHOPVOTE)

2 Mar 2022

(Quelle: SHOPVOTE)

15 Oct 2021

(Quelle: SHOPVOTE)

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