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Scott Rao - Coffee Roasting: Best Practices
Coffee Roasting: Best Practices
Coffee Roasting: Best Practices is the most advanced guide ever written about coffee roasting at expert level. Scott Rao's book focuses primarily on advanced techniques for creating and controlling roasting curves, with numerous pages...
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Buch Scott Rao Coffee Roasters Companion
The Coffee Roasters Companion
The Coffee Roasters Companion is the classic book on coffee roasting. Scott Rao gives very concrete instructions and tips on coffee roasting based on his many years of sound experience. Those who follow his recommendations will roast...
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book dear coffee buyer
Dear Coffee Buyer
Dear Coffee Buyer - a guide to sourcing green coffee by Ryan Brown is specifically aimed at buyers of green coffee. The book covers topics such as the coffee bean varieties, processing, origin, tasting, developments and pricing. The...
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Inspire and get inspired
Inspire And Get Inspired
André Eiermann is the Swiss Barista Champion of 2017 and was the first ever participant at the Barista World Championships in Seoul to roast his own coffee directly and freshly on stage. There are few people who devote themselves to the...
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The Book of Roast
The Book of Roast
The Book of Roast (The Book of Roast: The Craft of Coffee Roasting from Bean to Business) by the editors of Roast Magazine is probably the most comprehensive work on coffee roasting with almost 500 pages. It covers practically all...
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Rob Hoos Buch: Modulating the flavour profile of coffee
Modulating the flavour profile of coffee
Rob Hoos is one of the best known roasters and coffee trainers at present. Originally started as a home roaster, he has been roasting coffee professionally since 2009. He is currently Director of Coffee at Nossa Familia in Portland. He...
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Buch Coffee Roasting Made Simple
Coffee Roasting Made Simple
Raimond Feil is a roaster and barista. In his practice-oriented book, he shares his experience from more than 12 years as a roaster of specialty coffees. In simple and easily understandable language, the book provides the necessary tools...
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Book Green Coffee: A Guide for Roasters and Buyers
Green Coffee: A Guide for Roasters and Buyers
The book Green Coffee: A Guide for Roasters and Buyers is a comprehensive source of information on green coffee. In 179 pages, it gives an in-depth look at unroasted coffee and the great influence of the raw coffee bean on the quality of...
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Book Start Up Roastery_Roastery Start Up
Start Up Roastery (in German)
You want to take the next step as a roaster and start your own coffee roastery? Then you probably have many questions that are answered in the book Start Up Roastery - Vom Traum zur Tat: Die eigene Kaffeerösterei erfolgreich...
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Book Roasting Foundation
Roasting Foundation
The book Roasting Foundation gives an introduction to the basics of coffee roasting. It is ideal for anyone who still knows little about coffee or coffee roasting - but wants to quickly acquire knowledge to start roasting coffee...
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